Monday, January 4, 2016

Festival of lights

There is a

Festival of lights

Visible in the sky

That's celebrated in 

The space where

The stars or celestial bodies

Come down on earth


And catch fire

Displaying a beautiful

Scene of festivities-

A festival of lights! 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I’ve got everything
Except you!
I’m searching
But you are no where!
I can’t find...
After losing everything!
The whole world is mine
If you are with me!
O’ my mother!

Where have you gone?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

True friends

I don’t know
The time was good or bad
I had some friends
They left me alone
When I lost everything
That I had!
Now I have regained all
That I had lost earlier
My friends have rejoined me again
Even friend's friends have also come
Aren't they a selfish lot?
We all witness in daily life
A friend in need is...

A friend indeed!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A song

No one is free
Until everyone is free
Let’s free, everyone, everyone
Set free everyone, everyone!

No one is healthy
Until everyone is healthy
Let’s make healthy everyone, everyone
Make healthy, everyone, everyone!

No one is rich
Until everyone is rich
Let’s make rich everyone, everyone
Make rich everyone, everyone!

No one is happy
Until everyone is happy
Let’s make happy everyone, everyone
Make happy everyone, everyone!

No one is great
Until everyone is great
Let’s make everyone so great

Make great everyone, everyone!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Haiku Series – 3

Dreams are the showcases
Highlight what we cannot find
But hope sustains life!
Life has no limit
Just like the bubbles, with no
End or beginning!
Won’t you feel shy
After knowing, what was done
With you during sleep!
Do good or do bad
People will always complain
Because they don’t know!
Insomnia lasts
Reminds past friends every night
Present is stressful!
Man is not afraid
Listens to music from earphones
And gets close to death!
Man exists on earth
He wants to fly in the sky
Man is ambitious!
Missing peaceful nights
when we met and talked with love
Time never returns! 
Storms may fell down trees
Not a butterfly, on plant
All have right to live! 
Love and denial
Parallel to each other, but
Let everyone talk
that beautiful language of love
who teaches it now?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Few drops of water!

Few drops of water

Can move a person

Through tears!

Few drops of water

Can quench

The thirst!

Few drops of water

Can kill a person

With shame!

Few drops of water

Can display

Happiness in the eyes

Few drops of water

Can show

Sadness in the eyes

Few drops of water are

Critical sometimes

To shape our life!


Compromise today

Because you want

To start your life!

Compromise tomorrow

Because you want

To marry with the soul mate!

Compromise again

Because you want

To continue with your life!

Compromise yet again

Because you want

To have a nice career!

Compromise again and again

Because you want

To retain your position!

Compromise every time

Because you want

To keep everyone happy!

Keep compromising at will

There is no end to it

By the time you are able

To live independently

The life is gone!